• The Label

    We are a young, independent and stubborn record label based in Amsterdam. We love music that sounds warm, raw and authentic. We record and mix analogically. And we love vinyl. We love music with soul. Take a look at our catalog and feast your eyes with our releases!

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  • The Studio

    Barracão is our studio. Centered in the heart of Amsterdam, this is where our music happens. Analogic gear, vintage instruments and tape recording machines are our trademarks. Take a look and, in case you’re interested in recording, contact us!

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  • The Events

    We host events. Both DJ sets and live concerts. Monthly, we proudly present the Vintage Voodoo Experience. Occasionally, we host live bands at the fabulous Maloe Melo venue in the centre of Amsterdam. Take a look at our party-history and check for forth-coming events!

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  • Conjunto Papa Upa debut release!

    21 Oct 2013

    Music With Soul proudly presents the amazing debut of Conjunto Papa Upa. During the 1970’s, in the ever changing musical world, there was a tendency for the use of tape echos, analogue delays and overall experimentation that was integrated through many genre’s across every continent. Latin America was no exception. Fast forward to 2013 and the times they are a changing. Driven by the historical frustrations of the subsequent decades, Venezuelan born music priest Alex Figueira has decided to “grab the bull by the horns” and fill the historical gap of generations past. Alongside Baldomero Verdú, a master in Afro-Venezuelan drumming who has played with some of the true heavy weights on that scene such as Uno Solo Pueblo and La Parranda de Miriam, Conjunto Papa Upa bring into our lives this fabulous, double sided, never to be forgotten release. Out now!

  • Fumaça Preta New Release!

    14 Dec 2012

    Music With Soul proudly presents Fumaça Preta’s follow up 7 inch. Joel Stone, owner of the legendary Tropicalia in Furs, made it to JFK in time to catch a plane to good old Amsterdam where Stuart Carter and James Porch were already tuning up their guitars while Alex Figueira was oiling up our Tascam 58 tape machine. Once again, following Fumaça Preta’s true tradition, both songs were written, arranged and recorded in the same day. Believe it or not, the outcome is an even groovier effort. We are still to find out how this was made possible, but it was. It’s a monstrosity. Buy your copy now.

  • Fumaça Preta Limited Edition

    10 Oct 2012

    Music With Soul produly presents Fumaça Preta's "A Bruxa" limited edition. 100 copies red vinyl with silk screened, hand-numbered satanic covers. It doesn't get more DIY than this! 12€ including shipping. All the money will go straightly to the release of the forthcoming LP. Don't wait. Buy now.

  • Fat City Records interview

    26 Sep 2012

    Fat City Records decided to interview ours truly Alex Figueira. Our Barracão musical producer takes the time to talk about Fumaça Preta, the studio, putting the label together, the recording techniques, and so forth. Cannot miss out on this one! We let our doors open for you. Step inside.

  • Goma Gringa - our Brazilian partners!

    11 Sep 2012

    Check out our new Brazilian partners at Goma Gringa. Let your soul get groovy now!

  • Vintage Voudou Records

    31 Aug 2012

    Music With Soul proudly announces the grand opening of Vintage Voudou Records in the heart of the Redlight District, Amsterdam. Where else could it be? In partnership with Bombay Connection runned by our good friend Edo, the first shop dedicated to rough exotic music will come to life on the 14th of September. It’s the Vintage Voudou Records Opening Bacchanal!!! Find us at Oudekerksplein, 26. In between the big-mammas. 18h30. Sharp!

  • Eládio & Robinho Session

    16 Aug 2012

    New Eládio & Robinho session at our Barracão Studio. Once again, Eládio joined Robinho for a terrific session of old-fashioned, screwed-up and anachronistic reggae. Two massive tunes were given life in just three hours of composing and jamming. A first release of this magical duo is due very soon. Stay tuned!

  • fumaça preta release!

    19 Jul 2011

    What would happen if one put together a Brazilian legend in the same room along with members of the funkiest band in the UK and a Portuguese-Venezuelan producer? The outcome is here. It is real. Tangible. Joel Stone, the boss of Tropicalia in Furs, joined Stuart Carter & James Porch from The Grits at our Barracão Studio for a recording session hosted by our own and yours truly Alex Figueira. Without ever having played together under the same roof, these four possessed-beings embarked on a journey of psychosis, macumba and boundary-pushing. The result is the grooviest, wildest, fuzziest sound you’ll ever hear. Paying tribute to Tropicalia in Furs’ latest release “Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas” (with a movie debut to come), Fumaça Preta is the ultimate effort in trying to recover that almost-lost-but-still-out-there Brazilian Psychedelic ambience from the 70s.

    The A side is a depraved, mentally-sick and deranged version of the old Sonic’s classic “The Witch”. Tape echo, saturated drums, fuzz guitars and Brazilian lyrics scream at you to the grooviest beat around. B side is an original track that was written, rehearsed and recorded in the same afternoon. “Loco” is rife of insanity, voice-echos that will make you change your underwear and an aura of improvising that only courageous and unhinged musicians would attempt. A limited edition of only 600 copies is available on Music With Soul Records. Buy one now or regret forever: the witch will haunt you down!

  • Music With Soul website launch!

    18 Jul 2011

    Finally, MUSIC WITH SOUL’S website is launched. Based in the heart of Amsterdam with a particular connection to Lisbon and a profound love for black, ethnical and funky grooves, Music With Soul is an all-encompassing musical project. It’s mainly a label. But it also has its own studio. Oh, and its own parties. Alex Figueira, founder of the project, is currently focused on being the artistic catalyzer, musical producer and resident DJ (in short, he takes care of the studio and the parties). André Nóvoa took office as the Chief Executive Officer, also responsible for the marketing division, law department and, when on free time, for playing music (he takes care of the label, basically). Take a look at our catalog, at our Barracão studio and join our mailing list for updates on our parties. Join us. Join Music With Soul. Let your soul get groovy, now!